Save $200 with the Brain Farm Kit.

Kit Includes

- 1 Gunmetal Sandstone Watch ($140 Value)

- 1 White Black Tan Watch ($140 Value)

- Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet ($115 Value)

= $395 Retail Value for $195.


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How are you able to sell the same products for a such a large discount?

Brain Farm works directly with manufacturers to place highly specialized and limited orders. Our ability to work with manufacturers and create 'kits' allows us to sell the same products as name brand competitors, but for a incredibly lower margin.

How long will it take to receive my kit?

Not long at all! Our average kit leaves our warehouse and arrives on the customers doorstep within 3 days!

Is there a quality guarentee and warranty?

Absolutely! Every kit is fully guaranteed and backed by our warranty which covers manufacturer's defects for two years after the original purchase date!

Why was Brain Farm founded?

Brain Farm was founded by individuals who were tired of paying outrageous prices for luxury products. We had a goal to find a way to bring premium products to the market for a very reasonable price... and here we are!